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General information about Forest Enterprise

Forest Enterprise holds in trust forests of national significance that are situated in the region of Panevėžys as well as partially in the territories of Kėdainiai and Kupiškis regions. In Panevėžys region there are 38.2 thou. ha of forests of national significance, in Kupiškis and Kėdainiai regions – 0.4 thou. ha and 0.7 thou. ha respectively.
There are 11 forest districts in the Forest Enterprise. Average area of forest district – 3.3 thou. ha. Average area of private forest holding comprises 4.2 ha.
Soft deciduous tree-stands prevail in the Forest Enterprise, occupying 49 per cent of total forest stands; coniferous and hard deciduous comprise 47 per cent and 4 per cent respectively. Mature forest stands constitute 25 per cent of total stands.
Forests boast a rather high degree of productivity: average yield class is 1.5. Productive stands of yield classes 1A and cover 51 per cent of total forest stand area. Stands of low productivity occupy only 4 per cent. Average age of forest stands – 54 years. Average volume of stands comprises 205 m3/ha, mature stands – 284 m3/ha. Mature black alder and pine stands boast the highest average volume – 333 m3/ha and 317 m3/ha respectively. Well-planned and rational management of state forests improved species-composition and productivity of forest stands as well as increased the number of mature forest stands. Mature forest stands have accumulated more than 2.5 mill. m3 of timber. This allows felling up to 105.7 thou. m3 annually, comprising a total of up to 155.7 thou. m3 including cultivation and sanitary felling.
The total volume of forests of state significance together with those privately-owned and reserved for privatization within the Forest Enterprise territory amounts to 13.2 mill. m3 (7.3 mill. m3 in forests of state significance). Total annual increment of timber comprises 228 thou. m3.
There are many unique natural monuments and protected areas in the forests. Among them – Žalioji botanic-zoological reserves, Naudvaris, Gringaliai and Viržoniai botanic reserves, Juosta and Upytė hydrographic reserves, Sanžilė landscape reserve, Ramygala telmological reserve, burial mounds built back in the third or fourth century, Drulupis, Berčiūnai and Tuginaičiai ancient burial grounds and others.
In 1969, a bison paddock was founded in Pašiliai forest of Krekenava Forest District. It is the only place in Lithuania where these giant animals – bisons - can be observed.
The Forest Enterprise boasts protected territories, productive forest stands, upland moors as well as preserved unique plots of forest, not yet damaged by industrial operations with the features and bio-diversity of wildwood.
In line with Resolution No 990 of 07-08-2003 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania “On establishment of working hours in public and municipal companies, enterprises and organizations”, Forest Enterprise has established its opening, closing and lunch break hours:


State Forest Enterprise Panevezys regional unit

Parko str. 32, LT-37188, Panevėžys

Coordinates519887, 6178116 (LKS)
55° 44' 14.05", 24° 18' 59.95" (WGS)
Company code: 132340880
VAT payer’s code LT 323408811
Data is accumulated and stored 
in the Register of Legal Entities
A/s Nr.LT767044060008193484
"SEB bankas" AB, kodas 70440 

Forest Enterprise Center, Forestries, Tree Nursery and Timber Preparation Division 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         17.00
Opening        8.00
Lunch break 12.00-12.45
Closing         15.45

Tel. +370 45 448 711
Fax +370 45 445 961
E-mail: panevezys@vivmu.lt

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